Henna Attempt 2⃣

Hey Team, 

Below is my 2nd Henna attempt! The hard part is having a steady hand and letting it dry for up to 2 hours… Can’t wait to show more designs! Thanks for following! I’d appreciate any tips and tricks! 

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Before and after 

  1. So… The picture is out for the world to see! Before and after. That’s what I do on a rainy Friday night. Glass of wine and makeup 💗  no filters. 


Beard Oil- A Manly Gift ✨

Okay Ladies… Are you looking for a gift for your manly man? How about something to soften those bristly whiskers? This is a win, win! Soft for your face and his!


Go to your local health store and get some of your favorite essential oil scents.
Try:Orange, pine, eucalyptus, mint, peppermint, grape seed and cinnamon are amongst most popular.
You will also need a solid base like carrier oils.
Try: Jojoba oil, coconut oil, hemp oil or sweet almond oil.

The Mix, Yo! Start with a carrier oil and mix away till you get the sent you enjoy the most!
The oils will not clog pours and are beneficial to your manly mans skin!

Tootles xo

Face shapes & Contouring 101

Reminder.. Contouring 101.
There are so many videos on social media on contouring. Watch the right video for your face shape. They’re all different. This blog explains it all 💋


So… I’m an Inverted Triangle?
What’s it to you?

When learning how to contour, knowing your face shape will make it easier to look more beautiful 💋


Oval is the chosen one! It’s the ‘ideal’ face shape. It is totally symmetrical. We are contouring to give the illusion of an oval face shape, highlighting our features along the way! 😊 Even emoji face has contouring!! Although that round face can’t fool us…

In the picture below, Pink is shading and Purple is the highlight.


If you are contouring during the day, use powders! Powders create a softer, more natural look.
If you are contouring at night, use creams! Creams will help you create a more dramatic look.

When contouring, try to stay roughly two shades darker than your natural skin tone. When highlighting, try to stay two shades lighter than your natural skin tone.

Don’t forget to blend!!!! Enjoy…

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